Arise as a Divine God of Lust and build the ultimate Harem
in this Anime Inspired card game for 2-4 players.

Harem Wars Core Game Decks
Each deck Includes; 130 Cards

Each deck includes its own set of three characters around a central 'toy' theme of Lingerie or Food.
Featuring; 54 Harem Girl Cards, 27 Stackable Cards, 30 Toy Cards, 9 Pet Cards, 9 Power Cards & 1 Ascension Card.


Additional Items Also in development...

combat Expansion Set

Our 1st major expansion, introducing a new set of 120 cards
 & a new game type allowing for a more dynamic game.

Cosplay & Fetish decks

Two new core decks are in development, each of which features three new girls and a new 'toy' type to augment your game.